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May, 2020

Procella 62-Inch Golf Umbrella Double Vented Canopy, was tested and recognized as one of the top products in its category by Tripsavvy!

Here's what they wrote:

What We Like

  • Excellent wind resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Ideal size

  • Classic style

  • Several color options

The full article can be found here, dated March 1st 2020

Procella has one of the best products out there

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January, 2020

Procella's 62" Golf Umbrella awarded Best of the Best from Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune have tested a number of Golf umbrellas to find the best golf umbrella. Procella's famous 62" Golf umbrella was found to be the Best of the Best in their buying guide !

Here's a short extract from the article:

"For golfers who want a large-coverage umbrella, our favorite model is the Procella Golf Umbrella, which has a 62-inch canopy measurement."

and the article continues with:

"Golf umbrellas we recommend

Best of the best: Procella's Golf Umbrella

Our take: Huge canopy at 62 inches. Extremely durable design.

What we like: Comes in multiple colors. Easy to open with a single button. Larger coverage area than most umbrellas."

We are very proud and honored to receive this award.

The full article, dated Jan 25, 2020, can be found here:

Chicago Tribune: The Best Golf Umbrella


November, 2019

Best Golf Umbrellas Buyer Guide 2019

Golf Accessories Reviews conducted a review of the Best Golf Umbrellas 2019 in October and we are very proud and honored that our 62" Golf Umbrella was rewarded the top position :-)

Best Golf umbrellas 

Their conclusion from the test is:

Available in many different colors, the Procella 62 Inch Windproof Golf Umbrella boasts great quality, durability and is exceptional value for money.

Read the full test here: Best Golf Umbrellas Buyer Guide 2019



Procella Launch an Updated Website

Our website got a well-needed lift of the layout to a more modern style. We are now glad to announce the launch of the new site. Still there are some tweaks to be done and if you notice any problem we appreciate if you notify us. 

A fun and possibly rewarding function for our customers is the Spin-wheel with  discounts on the first page, where you can win up to a 50% discount on any of our products. Go and try it out here: Wheel of Discounts  You have nothing to loose but all to win :-)

You'll see directly how much discount you won (if you are lucky) and the promo code that you can use instantly for a purchase of any product on our website.